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A few garden light gu10, deeply homely

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When we were young, we were full of energy and would not go home until late after playing. That was our most carefree age. No matter how late we played, we would see the lights in the yard on, because our parents were waiting for us to go home. After growing up, the number of people in the family has changed from less to more, but that love has not changed. The garden lamp is still growing up with you slowly. At first glance, all work pressures and sophistication were left behind. Only the desire to return home urged us to go home.

At the beginning, our courtyard lamp was a big light bulb that looked very bright. It may have limited lighting range, but when we looked up at that angle, we knew that it was our own home light, which gave us a special warmth. . In addition to the basic functions of lighting, the current courtyard lamp design also adds a sense of design. The shape of the courtyard lamp matches the style of the entire courtyard according to the style of pavilions. The lighting design uses different brightness to increase the practicality and expressiveness of the artistic conception. After growing up, the light is no longer a simple light. It is our pursuit of art and a sense of responsibility to life. But the love hidden in that lamp still surrounds us.


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The construction of urbanization has made people’s lives lose the taste of childhood, and in the busy process, everyone’s purpose is to have a better life, and the high-quality life is also to restore the depth of memory. That emotion. And the few lights in the garden light gu10 not only the way home, but also the yearning for a better life and the ardent expectation for the family in everyone’s hearts.

The light in the dark is like the gaze of parents expecting their children to return home, as well as the expectation of a wife waiting for her husband to return home. The few lights in the deep courtyard carry the happiness of our life and eliminate the fatigue of our day. Behind the light is a happy family, the joy of laughter from the family, and the faith that we strive for.

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